• COVID Clean – Taking Care of Business

    11 Lessons
    • COVID Clean: Training for Employers, Employees and Communities - $99.00

    As the COVID-19 continues, the best hope for businesses and institutions to rebuild is to ensure a safe workplace for employees and the public. This course, developed by TSS’s certified safety specialists, assists employers and communities in gaining a full understanding of workplace safety issues related to coronavirus and developing protocols and strategies that will mitigate the risk of virus transmission.

  • For New Employees: Workplace Safety and Drug Testing

    6 Lessons
    • Training for New Employees: Workplace safety and your company's drug screening policy - $39.99

    This training introduces new employees to the topic of workplace drug and alcohol screening. It provides an overview of the benefits of a drug-free workplace and outlines general policies and procedures companies rely on to deter drug use and ensure a safe work environment.

  • For Supervisors: Signs of Substance Abuse

    17 Lessons
    • Supervisor Training: Signs and Symptoms of Drug Abuse - $129.00

    From the employee to the certified scientist and Medical Review Officer, many people are part of the workplace drug-screening process. This training will define those roles, provide insight into the relationships in the drug-screening program and signs of employee abuse.

  • Harassment in the Workplace: Protect your employees and business

    9 Lessons
    • Harassment in the Workplace: Protect your employees and your business - $79.00

    Workplace harassment is all too common. One in four women and one in 10 men in the United States say they have been harassed at work. Workplace harassment can ruin […]