Training & Education

Whether on the job site, in your local school, or in your home, safety begins with knowledge. We believe that you can only keep your surroundings, and the people in them, safe by understanding potential hazards and knowing how to respond in crisis situations.

TSS is proud to be able to offer our clients robust programming to increase awareness and build skills that can save lives. Ranging from CPR classes and DOT and OSHA compliance trainings to professional development and team building courses as well as drug awareness seminars, our educational offerings meet the highest standards of excellence in our industry. Our course offerings are formatted as either classroom experiences or as webinars, to allow for flexibility. Visit our calendar to find out about upcoming classes and events. 

Also visit TSS, Inc.’s safety blog and sign up for our free monthly newsletter to find educational materials covering many topics ranging from boat and ladder safety to tornado protocols and the importance of sun protection.

Types of training

In the workplace and community

TSS offers personal, classroom and webinar training options for your business, agency or organization. Our instruction covers a wide variety of topics, including CPR and First Aid, DOT and OSHA compliance, workplace harassment and management of drug screening programs.

In the home

TSS is committed to sharing with parents the latest research about young people and substance use, current drug legislation and other helpful resources. Register for one of our trainings, or contact us for information about our programming for parents.

With One Goal In Mind: Safety Matters!

We'll help you make your workplace, community and home safer for all! Contact us now.

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