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In recent decades substance use and abuse have become one of the leading threats to safety in the home. 

Are you worried about substance abuse and your children? Look in our Training & Education section to find out about the research-based resources on substance abuse prevention, that TSS, Inc. can provide to parents.

Parental Peace of Mind Drug Testing

If you have noticed unusual changes of behavior in your child or a sudden decline in grades, you may be asking yourself whether your child is using drugs or alcohol. 

 The best peace of mind you can have as a parent is to have a quick and reliable results that provide assurance. Through confidential and affordable substance screening in your home or at one of our locations, TSS can help provide that peace of mind. 

In addition, research has found instituting a policy of regular drug screenings in the home can function as a effective prevention strategy with young people. It provides your child with the opportunity to give the perfect excuse to peers, "No thank you, my parents drug test me!"

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Other services


Post Accident Emergency Screening

After hours emergencies happen. Your TSS crew is on-call 24/7. Our after-hours information can be obtained for each office via the location voice-mail.

Prompt testing is necessary to get the appropriate findings. Medical needs come first. This is one time TSS will be second.



To have lab work completed, bring your physician order to our office. Our nationally certified phlebotomists can perform your venipunctures with little wait time. TSS has two nationally certified phlebotomy instructors on staff to train our employees in the best practices available today.

While we can draw for any laboratory, we are pleased to partner with Quest Diagnostics, as a draw site for that agency. 

Available in Ketchikan only.



Breath Alcohol Testing

Alcohol Testing is available in a variety of methods. Breath alcohol testing is the preferred manner, but TSS staff is highly trained in saliva and urine alcohol testing, as well.

In post-accident DOT situations, timing and type of testing is crucial and your testing professionals must know how to perform testing according to 49 CFR Part 40. All TSS Staff are trained and certified professional Breath Alcohol Technicians.



Audiogram Services

TSS can assist you and your company with an audiogram to be sent for review with your Audiologist or ours. This service works particularly well for companies that need hearing tests annually to meet their OSHA requirements.

Available in Ketchikan only. 


Spirometry Testing

Does your company require an established baseline or an annual test for  employees using respirators? The most efficient way to fulfill this requirement is to take TSS spirometry test and provide your corporate health care provider with the results along with a completed OSHA Respirator Questionnaire.  

NIOSH approved trained staff in Ketchikan only.


Background Checks & Record Searches

When hiring new employees, it pays big dividends to do your homework on the front side rather than to be blindsided with bad news later. TSS provides background screening for a variety of reasons and can access local, state, and federal records. 

TSS, Inc. provides reliable and accurate screening services, rapid turnaround time and outstanding customer service.




TSS staff can provide professional fingerprinting services along with full background checks.

Contact your local TSS office to find out whether fingerprinting services are available in your area. 


Hair testing

When you need to know the history, drug screening via hair testing is the best way to go.

 Approximately 1.5 inches of hair will give a 60-90 day window of historical drug use. Hair is usually cut from the nape of the neck area, but can also be secured via armpit, chest or leg. Results are timely, accurate and evidentiary for court use, if needed.


DNA/Paternity Testing

DNA collection via a cheek swab takes only minutes. Collection is quick, painless and confidential. From establishing paternity to identifying sibling ship, this process is simple to do and is court admissible. It is most often used for custody and child support issues, but also frequently being used for folks working on bringing family members into the USA from other countries.


Ignition Interlock Systems

 Ignition Interlock Devices provide a valuable tool in keeping our roadways safe by not allowing someone who is under the influence to drive. TSS utilizes the top-rated Draeger interlock ignition system for this service.

If you are court ordered to have an ignition interlock, TSS provides client training, professional installation and expert calibration service.

Available in Ketchikan only. 


Body fluid testing

Our certified professional collections staff can perform oral fluid testing, urinalysis, and sweat patch testing whether in rapid format or lab-based.


Crime Scene & Trauma Cleanup

From workplace accidents to traumatic events, such as suicide, TSS Inc. will provide professional cleaning services that specifically address decontamination of blood and body fluid spills.  

After your local emergency personnel have completed their work, contact  TSS for proper cleaning and decontamination.

After hours and on-call staff is available.


With One Goal In Mind: Safety Matters!

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