For New Employees: Workplace Safety and Drug Testing

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Welcome new employee!

As part of your orientation process, this course will introduce you to the topic of drug and alcohol screening in the workplace, and why you may be required to undergo testing.

Your company’s drug program is central to its commitment to ensuring a safe and stable workplace for its employees and clients.

In recent years, at the same time that job opportunities have expanded in many industries, employers have increasingly struggled with a rise in categories of substance use and abuse among employees. The opioid crisis continues to have a major impact on the American workforce. At the same time, the legalization of recreational marijuana is creating a variety of new challenges for employers as they navigate changing laws in their state and employee confusion about how these apply to the workplace.

The research shows that drug and alcohol use have a significant impact on both productivity and safety in many workplaces. By educating employees about company expectations and processes, your company is taking important steps toward protecting you from the sometimes-devastating consequences of drug- and alcohol-use in the workplace.

Course Content

This course is designed to provide a general overview of:

  • Why a company drug tests
  • Common employer strategies for ensuring a drug-free workplace
  • What employees can expect from a company drug policy
  • Drug and alcohol testing and when it is required
  • Substances you may be tested for
  • Important guidelines for alcohol use
  • Drug and alcohol testing methods

This training will cover many aspects of these matters. As you proceed, bear in mind that your industry, your company’s screening policy, and your state will be different from others. As an employee, you should be aware of your local, state, and federal regulations for your industry. You also must understand your employer’s expectations. Many states have protected the employer’s right to test for all substances. Some states have chosen to remove legal marijuana from testing protocols. This training outlines general policies and procedures. It is not specific to your company. To ensure that you are fully educated and aware, please be certain to review your company drug policy. 



How workplace drug testing benefits you

The costs associated with drug and alcohol use in the workplace are far-reaching. Drugs and alcohol not only make a workplace unsafe, they threaten a company’s success and impact the wellbeing of both employees and clients.

What to know about your company drug policy

An effective, company drug screening program clearly sets out expectations and processes for employees, provides steps for disciplinary actions related to substance abuse at work, and supports those who need help – all while maintaining a safe work environment for all.

An overview of the law and how it pertains to you

Complexity: Standard

It is essential for employees to understand drug-screening laws as they pertain to their industry. This lesson outlines the processes and procedures employers, regulated by the Department of Transportation, are required to follow.

What your employer may test for

Complexity: Standard

The Department of Transportation mandates that employers test for 14 different substances. Employees should be aware that companies can add additional testing panels to the DOT list.

Course summary

Knowledge is power. Understanding the company drug screening program helps employees remain in good standing at work and ensure that their rights are protected.