This article is part of a series of posts introducing you to the TSS team and the people you may be working closely with.

My name is Ginny Clay. I am the operations manager at TSS, Inc and I work in the Ketchikan office. I have worked for TSS for 19 years. When I started, I was a stay-at-home mom with two boys, 8 and 12. Now, they are 27 and 31 and I am a grandma! I never thought I would be here this long!

In my off time, I like to crochet. I taught myself how to do this during the pandemic. I also enjoy cooking, although I don’t have hungry boys to feed anymore! And, I’m an avid gardener. I have a thriving garden and lawn at my house, not something you see very often in Southeast Alaska. Two years ago, I started a work garden, which is set along a long wall on the sunny side of the TSS building. We have grown zucchini, tomatoes, yellow squash, a few little pumpkins, snap peas, potatoes, and sunflowers!

I love working at TSS for several different reasons: We get to help people go to work, we are part of some people’s journey toward recovery and we are some of the first to see all the amazing things that our clients do all over the country. It’s always interesting to talk to our clients about what they do and help them meet the requirements of drug and alcohol testing.

TSS is also a place to grow. During my time, I have become a Phlebotomist, a CPR /First Aid trainer, a Certified Hearing Conservationist and a Spirometry Technician. I’ve learned how to teach classes, give presentations and serve on boards. I’ve also learned how to use computers and their programs (I remember back in the day checking out the QuickBooks for Dummies book, to learn that system!)

Finally, I’ve had a lot of fun working in our community. I enjoy representing TSS in the March of Dimes and leading a Scrap-a-thon (scrapbooking marathon) to raise money for MOD. It’s also been great to be part of organizing and hosting the TSS Community Health Fair in our Ketchikan office for the past 16 years. The Health Fair has alerted many people to health conditions and even saved a few lives. And of course, it’s a pleasure to promote TSS at community events several times a year. I love that our company is so committed to being active in its communities!

My working journey is far from what I thought it would be, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. I won’t be here for 19 more years, but I will make the most of and enjoy the last few years before retirement knowing it has been a job well done.