The Audit-Ready Management System (ARMS)


TSS takes the guesswork out of the Designated Employer Representative’s (DER) job.

The Audit-Ready Management System (ARMS), developed by our team of safety specialists, is a comprehensive package of tools that helps the DER ensure that your workplace drug screening program is always up-to-date and compliant with federal regulations. This system provides specific solutions to help the DER or auditor find the needed review items in seconds. It includes guidance on what to fill out and how and where to file documents as well as resources that allow the DER to complete all mandated processes in the most efficient way possible. ARMS saves the DER time, which saves your business money.


ARMS Folder for Download

Zip Folder

Individual ARMS Documents for Download


ARMS Record Tabs

DER Responsibilities

Employee Information Sheet

FAA Pre-Employment Form

FMCSA Pre-Employment Form

USCG Pre-Employment Form

Drug Training Completion Form

FAA Drug Abatement Program Inspection Guide

FMCSA Resources

FTA Compliance Review

USCG Chemical Testing Program Compliance

Industry Resources

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