With a little help from our friends — namely our walking team partners from the Nationwide Medical Review office in Indianapolis — TSS was able to cover an additional 364 miles by the end of Week 2 of our Walk Across America Challenge. That means, by Valentine’s Day our team had walked a total of 677 miles or 1,353,909 steps. Well done, everybody! Your hearts will thank you!

During Week 2 we were thrilled to make a virtual pit stop in the lively metropolis of Prince George, British Columbia on our map. Prince George, known as the capital of northern British Columbia, is both an exciting urban center with a thriving economy and another beautiful spot for appreciating nature and the outdoors. World-renowned heli-ski locations are just a stone’s throw away. The city is also growing, with active construction, manufacturing and forestry industries. (We invite employers in PG to take advantage of the many safety resources we have available on the TSS website for folks in these industries!)

For team members from TSS’ Ketchikan office, Prince George is a favorite location for annual big-box-store shopping trips, restaurants and nightlife.

“I love PG,” says TSS Safety Coordinator David Martin. “It’s a fun place. On the Yellow Head from Rupert, it’s an easy 7.5- to 8-hour drive and a great spot for dinner before heading on to Seattle. Depending on the exchange rate, we also enjoy making an autumn trip to PG for Costco and Home Depot.”


Walk Across America Challenge

As a company committed to health and safety and knowing that exercise is one of the best ways to a healthy heart, TSS launched its Walk Across America challenge on February 1 as a fun way to inspire our employees to exercise during the cold winter months. Our team’s mission is to walk the equivalent number of miles that it would take to get from Juneau to Washington, D.C. In other words: capital to capital; coast to coast. That’s a total of 3,358 miles!


We are thrilled by the number of people who have gotten excited about heart health and embraced this challenge. Thank you to Nationwide Medical Review for joining in and putting miles on our virtual map. Also, a special shout-out to TSS phlebotomist Larissa Greer, who continues to impress us with her commitment to walking and hiking outdoors even during the coldest month of winter…in Alaska! We will keep going on our walk for as long as it takes to get to Washington, DC. So, if you are ready to get moving, join our team! Contact Jo McGuire for details.


Larissa and family on a winter hike.