Spring has SPRUNG! I am always reminded of my first job when spring arrives. I worked for Sears in Keokuk, Iowa. That store was a catalog store that also carried appliances and lawnmowers on the floor. Every spring we had a sign that read, “Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, I wonder where my mower is.” It still makes me smile with wonderful memories of the folks I worked with there. I learned a lot from them that has lasted my entire career. A couple of thoughts SPRING from that….

We are all busy in the spring months. Our kids are on the baseball field, gardens are being prepared, farmers are planting and construction work that can only be done in good weather cranks up. Everybody is hustling to make something happen. Even if your workplace cadence doesn’t change, the folks who work for you are going through changes at home. Keeping everyone safe is the goal, so it is a great time to talk to your team about spring safety.

TSS’s Seasonal Tips