Communication is the hallmark of keeping people safe.

Even when we “think” people know what’s going on, we must remember that not everyone at our job site is operating with the same levels of training.

The new guy on the construction site has never worked in the summer sun before. The team that just moved into their new building has not had any education on fire, tornado or active shooter emergencies for this facility.

Common sense is not enough. We cannot assume that people know and understand what to do to keep our job site safe. Here are three ways to ensure your team can take the correct actions when a situation arises:

  1. Staff meetings or job site tailgates. Review evacuation plans, discuss who to call and when, and establish the plan for people, equipment and documents. TALK about potential scenarios. From working in dangerously hot weather to the elevator stalling between floors, people need to know how to react. 
  2. Have policies in place. Provide written policies in your employee handbook. Review them annually to ensure accuracy. 
  3. Practice. Practice. Practice. Provide training for your team in CPR/First Aid (at minimum). Invite local trainers into the workplace to ensure that your employees receive the best information and know what to do in an emergency.

It’s not IF something happens, but when. As the employer, communicating at every opportunity, that safety matters to you, will go a long way in sending your “whole” team home safely.