Safety does not just happen.

While some employees are a bit more apt to think about how things might go awry, not everyone does. I often hear, “Everybody knows that!” Of course, folks know that if you hit your thumb with a hammer, it’s going to hurt! But does everyone know how to mitigate the potential for that injury or what to do if it occurs? Who is responsible for what in the event of an emergency? What do we need to ensure a safe working environment for each particular job that we are doing? What personal protective equipment do we need for each particular job? That is where a great safety program comes into play.

Safety meetings provide annual required training for your team. Those meetings also let you discuss upcoming projects that may need special attention to safety matters. They are an opportunity to discuss near-miss or actual accidents that occurred. They allow the team to review what happened and how to prevent the incident from happening again.

Safety meetings can be mundane and feel repetitive – IF, you allow that. TSS staff works hard to deploy training that is interesting, interactive and valuable. We want you to leave our training feeling like you learned something that matters. And most importantly, something that will keep you and your team whole and healthy. So how are your safety meetings stacking up? If you need help, please ask us! We can help you design an entire year of meetings or just one with the information and resources to take good care of your team.

If you are interested in developing a customized safety training program with our Safety Toolbox, learn more here.

The toolbox contains all-needed training materials for 12 different safety topics of your choosing, one-hour of consultation with a TSS safety specialist each month or the option of having a TSS safety specialist lead one safety meeting per month. It also provides discounted access to TSS’s top-rated safety webinars. Contact for details.

At the end of the day, your employees are the backbone of your company…. Let’s keep them strong and healthy.