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As a leader in the safety services industry, TSS is able to provide top-quality training courses covering a range of workplace safety issues. Our comprehensive and easy-to-use courses fulfill a variety of needs from new employee trainings, to Department of Transportation compliant certification trainings for supervisors. Our workplace training courses are applicable across many industries and are guaranteed to set you and your employees up for success.

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Our offerings

For New Employees: Workplace Safety and Drug Testing


6 lessons

This training introduces new employees to the topic of workplace drug and alcohol screening. It provides an overview of the benefits of a drug-free workplace and outlines general policies and procedures companies rely on to deter drug use and ensure a safe work environment.

For Supervisors: Signs of Substance Abuse


17 lessons

Many people are part of the workplace drug-screening process. From the employee to the certified scientist and Medical Review Officer, each individual has a specific role in ensuring the process works and a business is complying with all federal regulations. This training will define those roles, provide insight into the relationships in the drug-screening program.

Harassment in the Workplace: Protect your employees and business

9 lessons

Workplace harassment is all too common. One in four women and one in 10 men in the United States say they have been harassed at work. Workplace harassment can ruin a great job and turn a company into a toxic and unproductive environment. It can also result in an employer being found legally liable.

COVID Clean: Training for Employers, Employees and Communities

10 lessons

This course, developed by TSS's certified safety specialists, assists communities, employers and employees in gaining a full understanding of workplace safety issues related to COVID-19 and developing protocols and strategies that will mitigate the risk of virus transmission.

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