After a long winter and an easing of COVID-19 restrictions, construction season is sure to ramp up in 2021. While many businesses are preparing equipment and hiring the summer workforce, employers also need to ensure proper training.

Now is a great time to review safety protocols within your industry. Your training ensures the best possible outcome for every job performed. After all, all employers want to send their employees home healthy and in one piece, every day. An essential component to ensuring that your workplace safety program is as effective as it can be is training, training, training. As employer, your responsibility is to ensure that managers, supervisors and workers have the knowledge they need to do their jobs safely and that their training is refreshed as needed.

A review of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Top 10 Most Frequently Cited Standards list can serve as a good checklist for your company. Does your training protocol address each area? Are your employees familiar with OSHA and the regulations of the organization? Now is the time to assess and address how to handle safety in your workplace. We’ve included the Top 10 list for you to check out.

The Top 10

1. Fall Protection – General Requirements (1926.501): 5,424 violations

2. Hazard Communication (1910.1200): 3,199 violations

3. Respiratory Protection (1910.134): 2,649 violations

4. Scaffolding (1926.451): 2,538 violations

5. Ladders (1926.1053): 2,129 violations

6. Lockout/Tagout (1910.147): 2,065 violations

7. Powered Industrial Trucks (1910.178): 1,932 violations

8. Fall Protection – Training Requirements (1926.503): 1,621 violations

9. Personal Protective and Life Saving Equipment – Eye and Face Protection (1926.102): 1,369 violations

10. Machine Guarding (1910.212): 1,313 violations

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