This article is the first in a series of posts introducing you to the TSS team and the people you may be working closely with. To kick things off, we’d like to re-introduce you to TSS CEO Renee Schofield.

Hi, I’m Renee. I am the owner of TSS Inc. What started in November of 1999 is very different from what TSS looks like today. Back then, we had FOUR clients. And those clients had a handful of employees. And all I did was drug screening. I worked by myself in an old x-ray room of the Ketchikan Medical Clinic. No windows, lead walls and a very small space.

Over the years, the team has expanded, and sometimes contracted, to cover our clients in select cities with brick-and-mortar offices. And we operate in nearly every state in the union with our colleagues in the industry acting as collectors for us. Today, TSS has several hundred clients and we offer many different products to help keep employers safe and prosperous. I’m proud of the work we do for many reasons, primarily that “We take care of people.” That’s the whole mission behind our safety culture, keeping people safe at home, work and school. From drug screening to various trainings, testifying in court or leading a community health fair, the staff at TSS takes this work seriously. And it shows. Our support of parents, employers, employees, and others in our community is evident by our commitment to show up to help with various events, presentations, or agency support. Our employees understand the value of supporting each other. We don’t just talk about it, we do it. One of our hallmark events is the Ketchikan Community Health Fair. We’ve been providing that event to Ketchikan for the past 18 years. COVID changed it up a lot, but historically we have a full-on health summit of area healthcare providers, safety demonstrations and most importantly, low-cost lab work. Every year, someone comes back and tells us that their doctor diagnosed something from those labs that they might not have otherwise caught. That matters. Especially for people who are uninsured or underinsured, who might not otherwise have any labs annually.

I live on Pennock Island, near Ketchikan, AK . I travel by boat to work each day. Recently, we had a new boat built by Crew Enterprises, a small business in Ketchikan, owned by Ben and Alexis Crew (our daughter). I am still mastering running that boat as it is quite different from our Olympic. So yet another learning opportunity (?).  My husband, Ed, helps me out with that on a regular basis! Our son, Adam and his wife, Jenna, live in Dallas, TX.  And our three minis, Amber, Macy, and Tymber (Lexie’s girls) are here in Ketchikan. So we do get to attend some sporting events, gymnastics and birthday parties for them!

My hobbies also usually revolve around work. As a serial entrepreneur, I’m always reading or watching something about new things in the business world. I try to take a class every year related to work. Most recently I became a board-certified health and wellness coach. My second business, NO SPEED LIMIT, is my coaching business. I love working with people to either grow their company or feel better about their personal health. I chose NO SPEED LIMIT as the company name as I believe that folks go at their own pace. No posted limits for those working toward improving their lives.

My other favorite thing in life is to be in Hawaii. SE Alaska is not known for its heat and sunshine. So getting to the Big Island, to our home there,  is quite a treat. It is one of my most treasured achievements in my entire career.  As I get older, I appreciate that warmth more and more!

I am proud of the business that I own and operate. We’re committed to our mission, our culture is one of teamwork and resilience and we are strong partners with those we work with. We make things happen. That matters.