Hello there! I’m Cameron Hadley. At TSS, I’m proud to come in every day and work with a team that is committed to serving Ketchikan by making sure our community is safer to work and live in. I started at TSS in November of 2022, and I’ve had a wonderful experience, both through my job and by being part of this growing and welcoming city.

Over the last months, I have performed countless drug screenings and, in doing so, have helped to support the goal of many companies to maintain drug-free and safe workplaces.

While drug screening is my primary task, I am also in the office to assist customers with DMV services. I’ve enjoyed getting to know a lot of people, both locals and newcomers, by helping them get their vehicles titled and registered in Alaska or by providing them with driver’s licenses and IDs.

At TSS, I have grown quite a lot as both an employee and as a person. With so many opportunities and amazing co-workers, I would call a second family, I am happy to be able to contribute to my community in such a meaningful way!

When it comes to what I do outside of work, I love to call my friends from around the States and play games with them. I also love to write stories and go for walks while listening to all kinds of music. My favorite quote to live by is “7 times down 8 times up,” – Way of the Warrior.