A note from TSS Operations Manager Ginny Clay

Thank you to our customers for another great and exciting year! TSS, Inc. strives to make the testing process seamless, quick, and accurate. And that cannot happen without the help of our clients and especially the DERs. We are grateful for your hard work to keep complaint and your diligence in communicating your needs to us.

TSS, Inc. is pleased to have the opportunity to help hundreds of companies with their drug and alcohol testing programs. Our clients include schools, charter companies, flight-seeing companies, delivery companies, municipalities, tugboat companies, resorts, construction companies and more. They are based throughout the United States from Alaska to Florida. This translates into thousands of employees within those companies. You keep us busy, and we are thankful for that!

To further be of service to you through the next year. Please bring your attention to the following:

  • A new year means a new enrollment. The 2023 enrollment package should have reached you by now. If you have not received your re-enrollment information yet, please contact
  • Changes for 2023. As always, we make every effort to keep our rates in line with the previous year, but you will notice some slight changes to pricing for the new year. We have also made a change in TSS policy regarding employee list upkeep: If an employee is terminated by the company, the company must notify TSS immediately. If a terminated employee is not taken off the eligible random list, due to the company not notifying TSS and they are chosen for testing (and then terminated), a $30.00 fee per employee chosen will be incurred. As you know, when we don’t have accurate and updated employee lists from our clients, it puts every employer who is part of the random pool at risk for non-compliance, which can end up being a costly problem.
  • Enrollment is due by the end of December for lower pricing. Please make sure to make any updates in contact information and use this time to also send an updated list.

If you have any questions, we are here to help. Contact me at

Again, we are grateful for every one of you. We have made so many friends and unique contacts over the years and cherish all the experiences you have brought us!

Happy Holidays!