The majority of TSS clients are experts in flying planes, driving trucks, piloting boats and transporting people and goods in other ways. Paperwork is not their specialty, nor should it be.

Therefore, the announcement of a drug and alcohol testing program audit usually induces some anxiety in employers and Designated Employer Representatives (DER).

Are all the boxes checked? Is the required documentation where it needs to be and completed? Has mandated training been done and noted? A flurry of record-checking usually ensues because we all know that an unfavorable audit can result in hefty fines and potentially cripple a small business.

TSS wants to take the apprehension out of your next audit by helping you make sure that your i’s are dotted, and your t’s crossed and that your paperwork is in order and at your fingertips. So, for a limited time, we are offering our Audit-Ready Management System (ARMS) for download, at no cost.

Always on the lookout for ways to help our clients cut through the red tape, TSS first discovered a version of the system when we learned about Laura Plenert, a DER with Ketchikan, AK-based Carlin Air, who consistently passes her audits with flying colors and is praised by auditors for her smooth process. Laura generously shared her information, which TSS has enhanced and tailored to our client needs.   

Essentially, ARMS is a record-keeping system that includes a comprehensive package of tools to help the DER ensure that their workplace drug screening program is always up-to-date and compliant with DOT and modal agency regulations. It includes:

  • A checklist of processes and procedures
  • An overview of the laws that apply and definitions
  • Information about what the auditor will expect
  • Forms to confirm testing and training completion
  • An organizational system for drug and alcohol testing paperwork including file tabs that can be printed out
  • Guidance on what to fill out and how and where to file documents
  • Additional resources

TSS’s goal is to help you make the process as efficient as possible. Once you download ARMS:

  1. Feel free to add your logo and company information to the forms.
  2. Call us at (877) 225-1431 if you want us to walk you through the system.
  3. Talk to us about customizing the system to your specific needs.
  4. Let us help you make sure all required training is complete by signing up for an online training course or webinar.

With ARMS you’ll be able to get the auditor in and out of your office so that you can get back to work flying your planes, driving your trucks and piloting your boats without worry. For more information, listen to our ARMS podcast. Questions? Contact us at