This month, many of you – and your high school- and college-age children – are getting ready to travel for spring break. It’s par for the course to have conversations about travel security, situational awareness, personal space and other safety issues in advance. But as more locations in the United States and abroad have some sort of marijuana decriminalization, we at TSS urge you to make sure that know the facts about additional new risks you or your kids could be facing while you are on vacation and the ways you can protect yourself.


Marijuana Edibles

The market for marijuana edibles is exploding and can be particularly dangerous because these usually come in the form of outwardly delicious and harmless looking pastries or candies. Studies show that edibles take between 1-3 hours to have an effect as the food is absorbed into the bloodstream through the liver. Because the effects are not immediate, the user easily ends up consuming larger amounts of the drug without realizing it. In Colorado, where recreational marijuana use was legalized in 2014, overdoses from edibles have resulted in hundreds of emergency room visits and at least two deaths. Furthermore, according to JAMA Pediatrics, the number of young children hospitalized in Colorado because they were accidentally exposed to marijuana through edibles has sky-rocketed in recent years.

When going to parties and other events over spring break, always make sure to ask about what you are eating. While we would prefer to think that no one would intentionally poison or drug us, the fact of the matter is, they very well may. You might not really know if you have ingested marijuana until later, which can result in you or your children ending up in a dangerous situation far from home, or experiencing a nasty surprise when you return home, undergo a workplace drug test, and get an unexpected result. Be mindful, know who is providing your food products, and if in doubt, leave it out. You need to be safe, KNOW the facts.


Date Rape Drugs

So-called Date Rape Drugs have been around for some time and spring break party locations offer abusers ample opportunity. Typically, abusers spike a victim’s drink when their back is turned. The drugs weaken the victim or knock them out, making them unable to give consent or resist the assault. While reliable statistics are hard to come by because the residue of these drugs can leave the body quickly and is gone before a victim can be tested, a 2015 study in San Francisco estimated one-third of sexual assault cases involved date rape drugs. The best line of defense is to never leave your drink unattended. But if you leave it, test it. KNOW the facts. TSS is pleased to offer a drink coaster that contains testing agents to ensure your drink is safe. Putting a couple of drops of your drink onto specific spots will test for ketamine and GHB, the most common date rape drugs. You can order these budget-friendly Drink Test Coasters through our website or pick them up at any of our offices. Pack a bunch for spring break or have your kids take them.


Peace of Mind

Spring break is an exciting time for young people. It is also a risky time, because they may throw caution to the wind. We have a specific drug screening kit for parents who desire to test their children.  We call it Parental Peace of Mind. You can test for 12 substances for $30 and KNOW the facts. (contact us at for additional purchasing details.) We hope the young person in your life is clean and sober. Using this test kit, allows everyone to be on the same page. Many parents tell us they keep one in the house as a deterrent. Their young person knows they may be tested at any time and therefore thinks twice before using drugs. If a teen has been using substances and the parent can establish that fact, the opportunity for conversation and evaluation can happen immediately. Before addiction takes hold. We believe this creates a solid safety net for families. The kit is available at any TSS location. We’ll teach you how to use it and be available for questions or support when you do. Another drug safety product you can purchase through TSS is our surface drug testing kit. Think someone has been using marijuana in your home or car? Or, maybe you need to test a backpack? A simple $18 swipe lets you know that marijuana has been present. Great for reasonable cause testing and opening discussions with your kids. KNOW the facts.

Spring break shouldn’t be dangerous, but it can be. We have the tools to keep you and your family safe. Reach out to us for details. Wishing you a SAFE, FACT-FILLED Spring Break!

Renee Schofield, TSS CEO