For 2024, U.S. Department of Transportation-regulated employers have new requirements for accessing DOT’s Management Information System (MIS) to report annual drug and alcohol testing data.

To submit their 2023 totals for the March 15 reporting deadline, employers must now access the system through their own, free LOGIN.GOV account, which is a secure service used by the public to sign in to participating government agencies’ systems, including MIS. With this new requirement, a third party cannot complete MIS reporting on the employer’s behalf.

What does this mean for you, as the employer, and your Third Party Administrator?

TSS, as your TPA, can still prepare the information for you. However, your company’s Designated Employer Representative (DER) (the person who manages your drug and alcohol testing program) must input the information into the system. If you need help with your statistical report totals, we are here to assist. Please contact TSS Operations Manager, Ginny Clay at

Other than this, the new login requirements do not change the reporting process in any significant way.

Setting Up Your LOGIN.GOV Account

If you have used LOGIN.GOV previously (to sign into the FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse, for example), you are all set. Simply use the same login information.

Otherwise, as a DOT-regulated employer who is required to submit annual drug and alcohol testing data, you will receive an email or letter from DOT with a 32-digit code that you will enter once you open the MIS website. (

You will then be directed to the LOGIN.GOV webpage to create your account. LOGIN.GOV requires the user to set up at least one authentication method to secure their account. Find detailed instructions for setting up your account here.

ODAPC: Your Best Source for DOT Updates

As a reminder, all Designated Employer Representatives (DER) for Federally mandated drug and alcohol testing programs are required to be set up to receive the Office of Drug and Policy Compliance LIST SERVE notices. You can sign up for this at:

The LIST SERVE notification will keep you up to date on what is changing, provide helpful hints and inform you about available resources on federally mandated drug and alcohol screening. It also gives employers a place to have a voice in the development of DOT drug and alcohol regulations and best practices.