You may know that TSS Inc.’s CEO is a woman of many skills. In addition to safety, drug-free workplaces and the U.S. Coast Guard, Renee Schofield is also passionate about improving people’s lives through health and wellness. Earlier this year, Renee became a certified health coach through the Integrative Institute of Nutrition and started her own health and life coaching business, No Speed Limit. Here Renee shares her thoughts about the invaluable benefits of working with coaches.

There are many reasons to hire a coach. As I work with people, I find they benefit from working with someone completely dedicated to their vision of health and lifestyle. Sometimes folks need to navigate a job change, design a workout plan or even figure out why they feel so blah. Even working with your healthcare provider, the coach can be the support you need between appointments. The clinician will also benefit from reports from the coach. Coaches are not physicians or magicians. You cannot expect that one call/visit will be the answer to all your issues. What you can expect is that we’ll dig deep into finding ways for you to improve your life, of which there are many avenues.

Why work with a Health & Life Coach?

Here are a few signs that you might benefit from a coach.

  1. Feeling off? But you’re not sure what it is. In addition to consulting your primary care provider, working with a Health Coach can help you dig deeper into what you’re experiencing, get to the root of your imbalance, and find new ways to help you feel your best again. From fatigue and low energy to acne and digestive issues, Health Coaches guide clients through listening to their bodies and making sustainable lifestyle adjustments to fix seemingly minor issues that may have major effects on health!

    According to a recent report in the Wall Street Journal, there is “a broader shift within the health-care industry toward keeping people well instead of simply treating them when they’re sick.” And that “although wellness coaching is a relatively new field, some recent research suggests that it does work—at least in the short term.”

  2. You’re more likely to accomplish goals when you have guidance and accountability. Whether it’s having trouble addressing your cravings, finding the motivation to keep up with your fitness routine, or getting inspired to be more creative in the kitchen, a Health Coach can help you establish the structure you need to make progress toward your goals. Regular check-ins with a Health Coach will help you feel accountable for the health decisions you make in a way that is motivating and encouraging.

  3. You want to change your financial situation but are unsure where to start. A coach can help you decipher what your goals are and how you might start working toward achieving these. Your coach won’t, most likely, be a financial advisor, but by working together to nail down your vision, you’ll know where to start when you meet with your advisor.

  4. You’re tired of dieting, deprivation, and the frustration that comes with trying to lose weight. If you’ve tried every diet under the sun and are fed up with feeling discouraged, a Coach will help you reconnect with your primary goals and what’s preventing you from achieving them. Health isn’t just about nutrition – in fact, weight loss comes with a variety of lifestyle related challenges that a Health Coach can help you safely address so you can shed the weight for good.

  5. You want to become a more positive health influence on the people around you. Your first priority should be to establish healthy habits for yourself, and through that process, you will inevitably become a positive role model for the people around you. A Health Coach can help you refine your own health and through that process, provide you with ways to inspire others along your journey, whether it’s your family, your community or those whose lives you touch through your work.

Other benefits to having a Health Coach?

Don’t be surprised if after the first few months you notice the following:

  • More money in your bank account. Sure, you’re spending extra cash on the coaching services, but think of the fees as an investment. Before long, you’ll be spending less on doctors’ visits and unhealthy habits that add up over time.
  • Less stress. Getting a handle on your health and wellness without all the pressure of following the latest fads will reduce guilt and frustration and increase your motivation.
  • More confidence. The fact that you’re feeling great will emanate from inside out, shining light on a happier, healthier, more vibrant you.
  • A passion for health and wellness. Your personal transformation may even inspire you to pay it forward and become a Health Coach yourself!

If you’re interested in taking the next step, give me a call at (907) 247-1431. I’d love to talk with you more about your goals to see if we are a good fit.