November marks The Safety Specialists, Inc.’s 20th anniversary of working in this industry and we are celebrating! The TSS team is ever so grateful to our clients for entrusting their business to us. Many of you were there from the beginning and have witnessed our growth and the wonderful places this company has gone over two decades. Thank you! You make TSS what it is and we look forward to serving you for another 20 years…at least!

This is traditionally the time of year when our thoughts turn to the upcoming year and TSS’s priorities for 2020.

The Clearinghouse

As we’ve discussed in recent months, the biggest thing in the drug testing world is the Federal Motor Carrier Clearinghouse. Registration is now open! If you have a CDL or employ CDL holders, you must register. It is not optional. Other registrants are Third Party Administrators or TPAs (that’s TSS, Inc), Medical Review Officers, and Substance Abuse Professionals.

For the next three years, drug and alcohol history checks will be managed as they always have via fax, mail or email. But starting in January 2020, it is mandated that they also go through the Clearinghouse. TSS is here to help you navigate the Clearinghouse system. If you are an owner/operator, you are required to have a TPA. This is an important regulation and it will be critical for you to follow the rules.


We’ve just completed a round of audits with several clients through the Federal Aviation Administration. While these can sometimes be challenging, I am pleased to report that our TSS clients did well through the inspections. One thing I cannot stress enough is that keeping your paperwork in order makes an audit go so much smoother. If you need help with how to organize that, please let our operations staff know. We’ve got easy ways to get you streamlined to make your system work for you, especially in an audit situation.

Sign up for 2020

Now is also the time of year that our renewal contract comes out. We’ve worked diligently to, once again, bring you a solid deal. My mission is to keep it real, affordable and make it easy for you to keep doing what you do. I know you drive trucks, run boats and fly planes. And we want you to be able to focus on that, with minimal interruption from us. How can you help us help you? Keep your employee list up to date – all the time. When someone quits, call or email us. Hired someone new? Make sure we know it and add them to your roster. This fourth quarter has been horrible on the roster segment. We’ve had to use the alternate list, which upsets many of you. I get it. It’s tough when you think you are done with your screening, to get a call that one more person has been chosen. I wish I had a better way to control that, but federal regulations guide how the system works. The ONLY control we have is encouraging you to update your roster and get your people screened immediately upon receiving notification. If you are struggling with this, please let us know. Let’s work on a plan to ease the struggle. We should be an asset to your business, not a problem.


2020 Contracts

Renewing contracts early helps us and you to keep random pools running smoothly. You can now access your 2020 contract online.

Here are the details:

  • Your current contract expires on December 31, 2019.
  • Enrollment for 2020 is available now. (Simply download the form, fill it out and return it via fax, email or mail.)
  • To be eligible for discounted enrollment your company’s account must be paid in full and you must be compliant with 2019 drug screening.
  • DISCOUNT – If your contract is returned WITH PAYMENT by December 31, 2019, your renewal cost is $200.
  • ALL contracts renewed after January 1, 2020, will be charged at the standard rate of $250.
  • If you are happy with TSS’s services, please consider referring us to your partners and suppliers!


Coming Up

TSS is always endeavoring to make the safety aspect of running a business as easy and efficient for our clients as possible. We are excited about some developments coming in the new year, including our new online training program which will conveniently provide you with resources you need to keep your staff certified and educated about all aspects of workplace safety. Stay tuned for more information.

Again, I want to send you my heartfelt THANK YOU. Not just this month, but always, I am grateful for your business.


Best regards,

Renee Schofield