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CPR & AED: Be prepared in an emergency

Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, at any time. Each year, more than 350,000 cardiac events occur outside a hospital setting. According to the American Heart Association, fewer than 10 percent of those victims will survive. Immediate Cardiopulmonary resuscitation...

Will you be donating blood this month?

January is National Blood Donor Month. As safety professionals, we here at TSS, have a pretty good idea of how often injuries and accidents can lead to someone needing blood. Not surprisingly, however, most people don’t ever think about where blood comes from or the...

From the CEO: Celebrating 20 years and more

November marks The Safety Specialists, Inc.'s 20th anniversary of working in this industry and we are celebrating! The TSS team is ever so grateful to our clients for entrusting their business to us. Many of you were there from the beginning and have witnessed our...

Tackle the holiday blues in your workplace

One of the keys to maintaining a safe work environment is having employees who are focused, clear-headed and feeling well. But for many people, the holiday season is an especially emotionally sensitive time of year in which they are distracted and overwhelmed by their...

What did you say?

When we talk about safety in the workplace it’s often about preventing accidents that can cause a serious injury, loss of limb or fatality. Damaged hearing is probably not something you would immediately think of as a health and safety priority. But let’s consider the...

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TSS CEO Renee Schofield shares her wisdom from 20-plus years in the safety industry.

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