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Cleaning Safety

By law, employers are responsible for protecting the health and safety of employees working with cleaning products used for virus prevention. This lesson covers the requirements for informing and educating the workforce about chemical safety.

Management and Communications

Once their COVID-19 plan is developed, employers need to make sure that it remains relevant. This lesson covers how to keep your plan current and encourage employee and customer compliance.

Employee Health

Encouraging good hygiene practices and limiting employee exposure to sick coworkers and customers are key strategies for prevention. This lesson covers how to include these measures in your mitigation plan.

Controls for Prevention

Effective controls are the best way to prevent a COVID-19 outbreak in the workplace. This lesson covers some of the engineering and administrative controls employers can put in place.

Coronavirus and Your Business

A COVID-19 outbreak in your workplace can have a major impact on your business. In this lesson we outline some of the possible repercussions and introduce you to the prevention strategies this course will cover.

The Workplace Hazard Assessment

Any COVID mitigation plan should begin with a hazard assessment. This lesson covers how to identify high-risk points for disease transmission and exposure in your workspace.

More on Your Workplace Prevention Plan

A clear workplace COVID-19 preparedness plan is a key tool to protecting your workplace and customers. This lesson covers the important information that should be included in every plan.