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Worker safety during disaster recovery

End of summer and fall are periods when certain regions of the United States see an increase in extreme weather events, including hurricanes, flooding, and tornados. For workers, clean up after one of these natural disasters can be an extremely dangerous on-the-job...

Hard Hats 101

When work involving an overhead hazard is on the agenda, the use of a hard hat should be required. Protecting employees from potential head injuries is critical for just about any workplace safety program. Classes of Hard Hats Not all hard hats are the same, and there...

How safe is the school bus?

If you have any concerns about how safe your child will be riding the school bus, put your mind at ease.  According to NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), the school bus is the safest vehicle on the roadways today. Statistically, a child is much...

Safety in the face of an opioid epidemic

Drug abuse in the workforce is an increasing challenge for American businesses. Although much attention has been paid to the opioid epidemic’s role in keeping people off the job or out of work, over fifty percent of people who report misusing pain-relievers are currently on the job. No matter where the workplace is, these employees tend to show reduced productivity and in the worst of cases, they can be a danger to themselves, their co-workers and the public at-large.

First Aid and CPR are for EVERYONE

One of the most valuable services we provide at TSS, is our regularly scheduled CPR and First Aid training.  We often say that we are in the business of saving lives and with our focus on Summer Safety, we cannot put enough emphasis on how vital these trainings are for everyone.

DOT and You

DOT drug testing is about safety. In order to ensure the integrity of the test represents the employee’s ability to perform their duties in a safe manner, direct observation situations can serve as a deterrent when temptation to submit false samples arises.

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